Tis the Season

By vicki1963


Tis the season….


… to eat.

‘Scott I wouldn’t if I were you. That apple pie is for Christmas lunch. If you touch it Grandma will string you up like a turkey,’ Virgil said.

‘No, she won’t, she won’t know who it was,’ Scott said.

‘Oh yes, I will Scott Carpenter, Tracy,’ Grandma Tracy said.

Scott froze at the sound of his grandma’s voice. Not wanting to turn around, he tried to move off to escape.

‘Hold it right there young man,’ Grandma said.

Closing his eyes and stopping as told he knew he was in deep trouble. His brothers had already vanished, leaving him to the mercy of one of two people to scare him when they were angry. He just hoped his punishment wasn’t too bad.


… to sleep.

‘Can someone please wake Virgil up or he’ll miss out on this wonderful lunch his grandma has made for us,’ Jeff Tracy said.

Before he knew it Gordon had quickly vanished from the table.


… to be killed or not to be killed.

‘GORDON!’ Virgil shouted.

Soon after hearing Virgil’s shout Gordon hurriedly returned and sat back in his seat at the table all innocent looking and smiling like an idiot.

Virgil stomped in, still in his sleeping attire, but very wet. His hair dripping water.

‘You little…’ Virgil started to say.

‘Virgil!’ his father said tersely before any harsh words got said. ‘Shouldn’t you get dressed and join us. Your grandma has been cooking this lunch for us and now it’s time to eat.’

‘Yes, Dad. I’ll get you Gordon,’ he said as he left to get dry.

‘Yeah, yeah,’ Gordon answered, smiling as he watched his brother head off.


… to get drunk.

After a long rescue on Christmas Eve the boys returned home. It wasn’t too late and after getting cleaned up they debriefed, then sat back to relax. Each one had a glass of their father’s eggnog in their hand. As they relaxed they talked about the year they had had and which were the most memorable rescues they had done and why. Normally this would be done on New Year’s Eve, but they decided to do it now, who knew where they would be on that night.

As they sat and talked they finished the eggnog off and moved onto the scotch that was there. Slowly, one by one they headed off to bead in various stages of inebriation.

Their father, Jeff was the first and left soon after the eggnog had been finished off before they tackled the scotch. Alan and John then headed off after only two scotches. Gordon wasn’t too far behind them leaving Virgil and Scott to themselves.

Virgil and Scott drank till they started to slur their words. Both helped each other to their rooms. Scott put his younger brother to bed before he crawled into his own. He knew that they would all have hangovers in the morning in various degrees, but it was worth it. Merry Christmas.


… to sneak open a present or try to.

Gordon found himself alone in the lounge early Christmas morning. Seeing no one else around, he went over to the tree where dozens of presents were littered underneath it. Checking and seeing no one he moved towards the tree and presents. He had been on his way out to the pool for his morning swim, but just couldn’t resist the sight of all the presents.

Looking through the presents he saw plenty of tags with his family’s names on them, but didn’t notice too many with his name. Thinking this was strange he decided as he didn’t have many opening one wouldn’t matter too much. Just as he was about to carefully open one after giving it a shake a voice behind him sounded.

‘Gordon what do you think you’re doing? Put that present down.’

Gordon turned to see his father, coffee in hand, looking severely at him.

‘I was just checking if it was okay.’

‘I know what you were doing Gordon. If you’re going for a swim I would suggest you do.’

Slowly Gordon left and headed down the stairs to the pool.

After he had gone his father had a broad grin across his face. It always amazed him that even though his sons were all grown men they could still be boys when it came to Christmas.