21. May, 2017

Added new Thunderbirds story

I know I've not written an enty here for a very long time. But I want to be more active on my website as much as I can.

So to begin with I've added a new Thunderbirds story called Breakfast. It's based on a writting prompt using the word Jam or Jelly/Marmalade depending on which country you are from. I hope you like it.

I'm also in the middle of doing two more short Thunderbirds stories from prompts and hope to have them up soon. I also want to start getting what other stories up on tis site as well, but it may be a lenghty time due to rewrites and major editing. But I'll try to get chapters up as quick as I can.

On a more serious note about a couple of months ago I lost my mum and about a couple of weeks before that I was in a serious bus crash on the way to work. Everything is nw hopefully back to normal but it's made me think I should be more active on here.

So till next time which should be hopefully not too long in the future. 🙂👍