27. Jan, 2014

Welcome to a New Year

It's the new year and hopefully it will be good one. Trying to keep up with this blog if not here on my twiter account. Have entered a new writting challenge on TIWF. It's a ficswap  one and recieved my assignment after I sent my request in. One week later I've started but haven't gotten too far as I'm also trying to do a rewrite on the Christmas story I did for Thunderbirds. Only 5 weeks left must try and push myself to get it done. It's not an easy one but I've at least made a start.

Saw my dietician last week I've lost 10.5kgs since 21st September which is great. need to try and lost more before I see her again which is the day before I have to get my story in. Lets hoping I can do this.

For anyone who is Australian Happy Australia Day.