23. Jun, 2013

Supernova Sydney 2013

My daughter went to Supernova yesterday Saturday with a friend. I asked her to get an autograph for me from Eoin Macken which she did. I now have a beautiful black & white of him shirtless. Only thing he started to sign it to Sonic (went dressed as this character) before adding also to her mother ME. I wish I could have gone and got it as well a photo with him. Maybe next time who knows. Have added the photo here on this blog as well as on my photo page. Enjoy him as much as I am. Thank you very much Eoin from a grateful fan (& mother).

P.S. Just so you know Eoin & I share the same birthday just 20 years apart (he's the younger one)

Till next time. 🙂😀😋❤🤭