8. Feb, 2019

As mentioned on the home page I will be updating this website as much as I can throughout the year.

I've already added two new Thunderbird stories and plan to put more up that have been finished for some time.

Have added a new section in My Stories for Emergency! stories. This fandom covers the TV show of this name that ran from 1972 until 1977.

I'm now on the A)# site and have 20 Thunderbird stories posted on it. Will try to add the link to my page on this site as soon as I can.

I'm still on FF.Net, but only have 4 stories on it at this stage. may added more soon, but I'm not too happy abpout this site and the trolls that frequent it. So I may not post, I'll wait and see.

Plans for a crossover with Thunderbirds and Hogwarts are on hold at the moment, along with another couple ofxx stories. My main plan for this year is to finish those stories as well as finish editing others. The majority of these are Thunderbird stories.

With the Emergency! stories I am now doing, two are cfinshed, but only one is almost ready for posting. The other is part of a series i'm writing. I have almost finished another multi chapter story for this fandom with a planned sequel and one or more one off peices that are connected to these two main stories.

Lastly I promise myself to keep this site updated when I can. Please leave any comments or likes for my pages and stories.

3. Jun, 2017

New Thunderbirds story has been added called Soaking. It features John Tracy. I'm not really happy with it but I can't get it any better than it is. Hope you enjoy it.


I'm also in the process of editing two other short stories featuring John Tracy as well. I'm also writing yet another with John Tracy and plan at least three other quick short stories as well on the Thunderbirds. Will post them as soon as I can.

21. May, 2017

I know I've not written an enty here for a very long time. But I want to be more active on my website as much as I can.

So to begin with I've added a new Thunderbirds story called Breakfast. It's based on a writting prompt using the word Jam or Jelly/Marmalade depending on which country you are from. I hope you like it.

I'm also in the middle of doing two more short Thunderbirds stories from prompts and hope to have them up soon. I also want to start getting what other stories up on tis site as well, but it may be a lenghty time due to rewrites and major editing. But I'll try to get chapters up as quick as I can.

On a more serious note about a couple of months ago I lost my mum and about a couple of weeks before that I was in a serious bus crash on the way to work. Everything is nw hopefully back to normal but it's made me think I should be more active on here.

So till next time which should be hopefully not too long in the future. 🙂👍

25. Apr, 2014

Have added a new Thunderbird story that I entered into the TIWF FicSwap challenge. Have also have added more pages and done some alterations.

If you have any ideas please leave a comment.

27. Jan, 2014

It's the new year and hopefully it will be good one. Trying to keep up with this blog if not here on my twiter account. Have entered a new writting challenge on TIWF. It's a ficswap  one and recieved my assignment after I sent my request in. One week later I've started but haven't gotten too far as I'm also trying to do a rewrite on the Christmas story I did for Thunderbirds. Only 5 weeks left must try and push myself to get it done. It's not an easy one but I've at least made a start.

Saw my dietician last week I've lost 10.5kgs since 21st September which is great. need to try and lost more before I see her again which is the day before I have to get my story in. Lets hoping I can do this.

For anyone who is Australian Happy Australia Day.