This is one of my favourite place to go. It's quiet and relaxing and I get a lot of writing and reading done. Picture was taken by myself of one of the fireplaces while I was up at The Carrington Hotel Katoomba during one of my trips there

While in the Northern Hemisphere where at lot of my friends are in England and America it's now Spring and heading into Summer.

Site News



Quick extra update

Have added the link to my AO3 page on my website links for everyone.





Have put up the story Sleepless finally and added a new one called Water Can lead To Trouble. Both are Thunderbird stories.

Have also added a new section for Emergency! stories. This was a TV show that ran from 1972 until 1977. Stories in this fandom will slowly be added.

I now have 20 stories on the AO3 site all Thunderbird stories. Those not already on here will be slowly added over the coming months. I only have 4 stories on FF.Net and may start adding more on there soon as long as I don't too many complaints.

My blog on here will have more details on the stories I'm writing, editing or planning to post. So please check the blog section for these updates.




New update

Have added new Thunderbirds story called Soaking. Also new short entry to my blog as well. Plan to redo story pages soon and make them look a little better.



21/5/17 Finally a new update

Well it's been almost a year since the last update I've managed to do to this site. Hopefully I'll be more regular. But it's now Autumn again here in Australia ad Spring in the Northern Hemispere. Have added a brand new Thunderbirds short story called Breakfast. I hope you like it and comments are more than welcome.



24/5/16 Update

Some slight changes to the front page which was long over due seeing the seasons have changed yet again.

Have also done some minor changes to the site. Added the new section My Trips. Added new days to the April 2015 trip and will be adding days to the May 2016 trip.



1/11/15 Update

The front page has had a change in photos in line for the new season. Halloween is now gone for another year and as America heads towards Thanksgiving as well as Autumn like England. The next thing will be Winter in the Northern Hemisphere and Summer in the Southern one. Christmas is not far behind and the New Year. I'm also having a separate section for Thunderbirds Christmas stories.This will house my Christmas stories as I write every year.



17/10/15 Slight change to front page

As you can see I've added a Halloween picture to this front page. It's almost upon us so with that thought I'll be adding pictures to this page as we enter the different holidays and celebrations.



3/10/15 New website design.

Have upgraded to a new website design. Hope this looks smarter and is easier to navigate.

Have also added the new story from the last Thunderbirds challenge I did.

There is also a new story which is a crossover story between Thunderbirds and Harry Potter called Hogwarts Are Go! It took me ages to decided on this name. Just to let you know it is a collorabtion with another writer who I adopted the story from. I will be doing rewrites of her chapters and new ones to continue and ultimatley to finish the story. This will also be on and links to it from my face pages and group. Will be uploading this soon.



22/5/15 New pages to Thunderbirds stories for new stories coming soon.

Have also added more photo pages and uploaded photos to my photos of my April road trip holiday

Added a travel diary for it. More to come only put the first 4 days up.



8/5/15 New Thunderbirds story Patience

Update to blog soon to follow with photos on holiday I've just come back from.




If you have any enquiries or ideas for this site please contact me.



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